Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server Edition
My little server farm

Updated 16 September 2022

Server farms do not need to be large, power-hungry rooms full of boxes with loud fans. Shown here is my little server farm:

five little servers

From left to right:

With the exception of the NAS, these are all fanless computing appliances from Protectli. The wire shelf lets the appliances have sufficient airflow to keep the internal temperatures down to a reasonable level, even under load. The boxes are staggered so that each one gets sufficient airflow.

Yes, the signal wiring is a mess; some day I will be making custom cables to make the entire installation neater.

Not shown is the 24-port Etherswitch, NTP GPS appliance, WiFi access point, and UPS.

One advantage of the small appliances is that they pull under 10 watts apiece at peak, and about 7 watts at idle. That low power draw keeps the Protectli boxes running cool on room air, no additional air cooling or conditioning needed.

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